A Gospel Primer for Christians

A book that every Christian should own


Milton Vincent has produced, in my opinion, one of the most necessary books of our time. In this book "A Gospel Primer for Christians", Milton separates the book into four main parts:

  1. Reasons to rehearse the gospel daily
  2. Gospel in prose form (Ordinary writing)
  3. Gospel in poetry form
  4. Milton's personal testimony of the idea of the book

Milton lays out 31 reasons for rehearsing the gospel daily. And that's so awesome because it gives you the ability to read one reason for each day in the month, which makes this book an easy addition to any devotional time.

Each reason that Milton gives stems from what scripture tells us about the power of the gospel. Every page is supported with scripture that has references at the bottom of the page for you to see and follow along with if you choose. His reasons that are laid out in this work are concise, but full of wisdom and truth. They are quick to read and help frame the power of the gospel in an easy to understand way.


The two different gospel formats that are presented here are beautifully written and touch on every major part of the gospel of Christ. The prose version is written in a way to be easily memorized if chosen to do so (consisting of 41 verses). They are written in the first person narrative which makes them personable and easily applied to the reader. It really helps make the gospel truths your own.

The poetry version has just as much rich theology while also allowing the user to sing in worship. It follows the same flow as the prose, just set to a rhythm and rhyme scheme.


Finally, Milton's personal testimony is presented at the end of the book. It provides the users with the context for which this book was born, and I found myself empathizing with Milton. He talks about his struggle with not understanding God's grace and trying to live out a works based faith. It broke him many times and it caused him a lot of stress and turmoil. It wasn't until he started rehearsing these gospel truths that we find in this book that he was able to find freedom. And he has graciously shared this freedom with the rest of use.

How to use this book

Personal devotion

I believe that this book should be read again and again by every Christian no matter how long they have been in the faith. This book presents the gospel in a quick, easy to understand, format. Reading one of the two versions of the gospels everyday will help our minds to wander towards the things of heaven. When we are presented with the gospel early in the day, we can carry it out with us as we go through life. I believe that re-reading the reasons for rehearsing the gospel, and re-reading the gospels presented here, will not only allow us to take hold of the blessings God has for us, but it will help us grow more in love with the word of God that has saved us and continues to save others everyday.


I believe that this book should 100% be a book used to disciple new believers because it focuses on the main message of the Christian faith. Using this book to train new believers will equip them to not only understand the gospel, but be able to understand how it fits into their life. This book will help them see not only the salvific power of the gospel, but also its power to grow us from one degree of glory to the next.

Sharing the faith

Like I've said before, this book lays out the basic tenets of the faith clearly and understandably. Therefore, I believe this book can be used to share the gospel with an unbeliever. This book helps us articulate mans fallen state, God's mercy towards us in Christ, and our salvation upon placing our faith in the risen Christ. It is easily laid out in a way that is comprehensible and quick.


I believe that every Christian should purchase a copy of this book. It provides timeless truths that push us to love and adhere to the gospel of Christ more and more in our daily lives. I believe that if Christians took this book and went through many many times, and let the gospel have its affect, then the world would see a drastic change in Christian behavior and in Christian circles. The gospel is here to change and transform lives, let's not minimize it and move past it like it is an elementary topic. Let us embrace it's power and let it shape us every single day, just as Milton Vincent advocates for in this book.